I lived among the rural white farmers of the Eastern Cape, between Paterson and Grahamstown, for five years. Named Frontier Country.

Mamphela Ramphele, a dear friend, came to visit during that time. God, she said, its an inconceivable irony that Steve Biko’s legacy is still so needed here, today, after so long a time, in this place. 

These images all are drawn from spectres of hardship, all individual and at once socio-political. With the exception of 'The Shabat prayer’ and 'young boy with dove'. The inclusion of these two images in the series reiterates the shaft of injustices people have to tolerate, and the rituals which assist in the coping.

1. © Margot Muir. 2021. Untitled (The black dog)
2. © Margot Muir. 2021. Untitled (The Shabat prayer)
3. © Margot Muir. 2002. Untitled (The birthday party)

4. © Margot Muir. 2004. Untitled (The capture)

5. © Margot Muir. 2020. Untitled (The ironing work)

6. © Margot Muir. 2017. Untitled (The working mother)

7. © Margot Muir. 2002. Untitled (The frontier)

8. © Margot Muir. 2020. Untitled (Beyond the window)

9. © Margot Muir. 2020 Untitled (The plate of food)
10. © Margot Muir. 2007. Untitled (Young boy with dove)